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 Budget Men, Ladies & Unisex Acetates

BeWild collection is enthusiastic and bold. This line is perfect for teens and those young at heart. It's a lively yet unpretentious eyewear collection that reflects the vibrant energy of the wearer. Saturated colors and smooth lines are the key design elements of the youthful frame line. Materials: Acetate, Stainless Steel

Benelli collection is our distinctly masculine line for the contemporary man who intends to make a statement at work and play. High standard of quality and sophisticated details of each Benelli frame will instill confidence and professionalism in the modern man.
Materials: Acetate, Stainless Steel

Ciao Bella, Hello Beautiful!! Produced with the latest trends, colours and styles in mind, Ciao Bella stands out as the "New" premium frame for today's trendy woman. Our line will have people turning their heads and saying "Hello Beautiful"

Fashionable Ladies Frames

Budget Mens, Ladies & Unisex Frames

Mens "One Piece" Spring Temples

Esotico ia a traditional collection of men's and ladies classic stainless steel frames. Designed for comfort with a taste of fashion, Esotico allows the wearer to feel confident and relaxed for any occasion.

Materials: Stainless Steel

Fashionable Mens & Ladies Frames

Strong Material, Durable Design, Reliable Frame. The Flex-Tech collection is made up of a Bendable Titanium with an adjustable temple to appease any and all comfort levels for the end customer.

Materials: Titanium and Memory

Budget Mens & Ladies metal

Mez Eyes is the quintessential kids collection designed specifically for the rough and tough child. A durable TR90 frame and temples coupled with 180 degree horizontal hinges make these truly reliable frames for the everyday child.

Material: TR90

Our MezmerEyes collection is one of the most durable and reliable frame collections out there. Set with German Dossal Spring Hinges and designed with elements to allow the wearer a comfortable fit with no exceptions to quality.

Born out of the trendy hills and cool beaches of Los Angeles, and invigorated by the world of high-fashion eyewear, Miyagi Eyewear features the latest in technology together with today's hottest fashion trends. With an acute attention to detail, the brand offers quality craftsmanship and a unique sense of style beautifully showcased through the finest in Italian cellulose acetate, genuine leather, natural-treated wood, Biodegradable plastic, hypoallergenic metal, Swarovski crystals, and stainless steel all while satisfying each wearer's personal style inclinations.  Our dedication to providing exceptional products for our customers can only be summed up as: having the perfect mix of glamour and comfort.

State-of-the-art technical solutions for the collection representing all that’s new and aimed at wearers who are not slavish followers of the big brands. In the NOS collection the keynote is stylistic harmony and the perfect balance of form and materials, in line with the dictates of minimalism, the cornerstone of its design.
The inspiration for this eyewear is essential elegance, in that its essential nature is the embodiment of stylistic purity and freedom from superfluity, for a timeless look.

100% Made in Italy

This dynamic line combines timeless shapes with updated designs to create an all encompassing selection. We strive to develop the OnO collection into a truly comprehensive bread and butter line for those looking for stylish and reliable eyewear. Materials: Celluose Acetate, Acetate, Stainless Steel

The Opti Grand collection is specifically designed for the 'Big man on campus'. By offering a wider temple to temple measurement and a longer temple length, Opti Grand frames result in having a customer with a more precise centered 'PD' and increased comfortability.

Fashionable Mens & Ladies Aceates

Unisex Acetates with Clip-Ons

Prime collection is an affordable lifestyle collection that caters to all market segments. Designs range from elegant classics to contemporary for men and women. All frames are designed with spring hinges for added comfort, fit and durability. The Prime collection is the answer for the price conscious patients who do not want to compromise style and quality. Materials: Cellulose Acetate, Plastic, Stainless Steel

Traditional Ladies Plastics

Skye collection combines feminine sensibility and elegance to create a truly timeless eyewear for that special lady. Eye catching details such as crystal accents and metal inserts highlight her charming and magnetic personality. All models have deeper "B" measurements to fit multi-focal lenses. Materials: Acetate, Stainless Steel

Lightweight Unisex Frames made with TR90

The meeting of unique, original personalities combined with the Italian culture of design and experience of the eyewear world has given birth to an ambitious brand looking to the future and setting new horizons in style. Trama is a brand in the making, following previously unexplored paths, providing out-of-the-ordinary perspectives created in a crucible of ideas.
The inspiration for this eyewear is experimental elegance, in which experiment is an exercise in design entrusted collection by collection to different designers, some in harmony, others in conflict.

100% Made in Italy

Trust collection is our value frame line for those patients with a limited budget in mind. Updated classic metal and plastic styles for men and women featuring popular neutral colors are the staple of this collection. Trust eyewear is the most competitively priced alternative to your managed care from choice. Materials: Celluose Acetate, Plastic, Stainless Steel

Velenciaga collection is designed for the woman who embraces her own sense of style and spirit. This collection blends European trends and the latest fashion influences to create a truly modern eyewear collection in bold colors and fine details without being excessive with logos and brand names. Materials: Acetate, Stainless Steel

Hight Quality/Low Priced Fashionable Mens & Ladies Frames

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