Mezmereyes sells wholesale to our registered user base ONLY

in effect, we DO NOT sell to the public

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Service agreements

Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. All orders for frames and sunglasses are subject to acceptance by Mezmereyes, and Mezmereyes reserves the right to refuse, at it's discretion, any order for any reason.
2. Mezmereyes reserves the right to establish the terms of payment of the client and/or to impose such terms and/or to cancel them if, in the opinion of Mezmereyes, the financial situation of the Client, it's payment history or other valid reason justifies it
3. All invoices are due and payable within 30 days of invoicing. Overdue accounts shall bear interest rate of two percent(2%)per month as of due date for payment
4. Client shall be responsible for payment of all federal, provincial and other taxes, such as the goods and services tax (GST) applicable to the purchase of sunglasses
5. All of Mezmereyes' opthalmic frames are guaranteed, for a period of two(2) years from their date of purchase, against manufacturing defects
6. With the exception of lenses, all sunglasses are guaranteed, for a period of one (1) year from their date of purchase, against any manufacturing defects
7. Returns are available for replacement product only . No monetary refund will be granted by Mezmereyes for a credit balance of the customer. This includes, but is not limited to, accounts that have been;
Closed,Purchased by another company,Closed due to retirement, etc.
8. All returns must be previously authorized in writing (RA) by a Mezmereyes representative or by the Head Office and may be refused for any reason whatsoever at the discretion of Mezmereyes
9. To be eligible for exchange, frames returned must have been purchased within two (2) years of the date of request, unless specified otherwise in a particular licensing distribution agreement
10. Frames returned for exchange must be in original condition, individually bagged, in original packaging, with original cases, original demo lenses and accompanied by the original invoice number and/or Return Authorization (RA) provided by sales representative
11. Frames returned for exchange in an unsalable condition (excessive board wear, customer modifications, missing lenses, missing décor, chips, excessive scratches) will be returned at the customers expense
12. Mezmereyes will charge $5.00 for each case (provided the original came with a case) not returned
13. Mezmereyes will charge a $5.00 cleaning fee for frames in which the exchange was authorized but that is returned in an unclean condition deemed unsatisfactory ( conditions deemed unsatisfactory are: dirty/dusty, price stickers, markings, glue) by Mezmereyes
14. Special discounted frames purchased at a reduced price are final sale merchandise and are not returnable for exchange and/or warranty
15. Products delivered to the customer are deemed accepted and in good condition, unless the customer advises Mezmereyes within 10 days following their reciept, that the products are damaged or defective
16. The Client agrees that all merchandise purchased from Mezmereyes shall be sold at the retail level in Canada and, as such, the client waives the right to distribute the merchandise delivered by Mezmereyes to other merchants or via the internet
17. The use or reproduction of trademarks or logos of Mezmereyes or for which Mezmereyes has been granted distributership requires the prior written approval from Mezmereyes, including for the purpose of reproduction, advertising and marketing. The unauthorized
use by a client of such trademarks and logos may result in the closure, without prior notice, of the clients account. In addition, the client shall be responsible for all damages sufferd by Mezmereyes
18. The prices, as well as the terms and conditions of sale are subject to change without prior notice at the discretion of Mezmereyes
19. All purchases made by the client from Mezmereyes are subject to the present terms and conditions of sale and the execution of the Agreement confirms your acceptance of such terms and conditions of sale
20. The Client acknowledges having read and understood the provision of the agreement and declares to be satisfied therewith

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